Fiber from the farm

 Shearing occurs annually. Our shearer uses hand-blades for the process, which allows a little more wool to be left & seems less stressful for the sheep. Please note that these sheep are not covered during the year, so they are susceptible to VM & heavy lanolin in the fleece. Each fleece is skirted heavily, though some VM is inevitable. The darker color of the lanolins wash out beautifully to the lustrous natural white. Though our flock has recently been dispersed, our fleece will still be available for awhile. Additionally, fleece from other shepherds may be offered as available, in support of their efforts in raising rare breeds. 

Wash with minimal agitation - this fiber felts easily! Start with very hot water, use a dowel or wooden spoon to push down, & maintain consistent temperatures with the rinse. If needed, gently massage the ends to release the dirt & lanolin. We use Dawn detergent, let it soak overnight, then place in a rinse tub until the soap is out.

Air-dry in a well-ventilated area, such as on an old screen.

Hand-comb when preparing for spinning.

Spin in a semi-worsted long draw to avoid over-spinning.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information & photos of specific fleeces. 

Sampler Size

Perfect size for breed studies. Heavily skirted. Not washed.

8-ounce increments. 

Check for availability of other rare breed fibers

$16 for 8 oz.

Curly Locks

Smaller, tighter curly locks of short to medium lengths. Use for doll hair, Santa beards. Washed. Sold 

in 2 oz. increments.

$5 for 2 oz. (minimum)


Spin the Leicester roving in a worsted long-draw for best results. 

Sold in 

4 oz. increments.

$20 for 4 oz.