Sharing whatever comes to mind about fiber & the farm....

Sharing whatever comes to mind about fiber & the farm...

An ongoing series of informational entries

So what do ewe think?

August 14, 2018

There aren't many large animal vets around here, so our vet has a lot of ground to cover. Once a week, animals could be seen by him at the livestock auction area to allow him to tend to more animals, & to save you on the cost of a farm call. On one such visit, I was waiting with one of my sheep to be seen. A local farmer, who looked like he'd been in the business for years, was there with his bull. He asked me in his slow, southern drawl, with a smug grin - "Is that your pet sheep?"  Guess I didn't fit the look of a real farmer. I just replied that she's part of my flock. Wonder about his reaction if I'd asked "Is that your pet bull?" 

The point - appearances, relative importance. Our farm is very small, & I often wonder if it relates to a farm at all. But as a friend stated, if you do the work of a farm, you're a farm. In reality, our sheep are like pets to us, we know them by name, they come for their back scratches, they know when they're in trouble. But they are first & foremost, farm animals of course. We hope that you enjoy the fleeces of our labors, small as our operation is, & all good things that come from them. And that is, of course, "no bull!"