Fibers​ from the Farm
Conserving Rare Breeds 
​Through Use of Their Fibers

From Sheep to Fiber
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More accurately for us, it began "from fiber to sheep."  While learning to spin, I started studying various sheep breeds to explore the unique properties of their fibers. Most of my spinning friends had sheep & they decided that I needed them as well. It's one of the best gifts I've ever received - certainly one of the most life-altering.

So it started innocently enough, until I fell in love with the rare breed of sheep, English Leicester Longwool. I fell in love with the fiber - the high luster, the long curly locks that begged to be touched. The coarser & somewhat rustic feel that distinguishes it from the fine wools appealed to me immensely. To use this fiber is to fall in love with all of its possibilities, whether you crochet, knit, spin, felt, or weave.

Thus the beginnings of Cranberry Creek Fibers. Our  yarn , core-spun yarn , roving , & raw fleece  originate from our flock & from other Leicester Longwool breeders. We hand-dye all of our yarns, & take pride in heavily skirting our fleeces.

Currently, Cranberry Creek Fibers resides at a small southern farmette where we strive to further the Leiceister Longwool sheep
through selective breeding, use of the wool, & education. As the farm becomes more established, you'll notice new items with both the fiber & finished products. We welcome you to join us on our new journey as we share the beauty & inspiration of this rare breed. Through increased use of their fibers by creative fiber artists such as yourself, shepherds may afford to raise more of these beautiful animals, & thereby continue to conserve them for future generations.

Sometimes it's in saving something special that we begin to save ourselves.

For more information on the English Leicester Longwool breed & the plight to conserve it check out: